Bold Prayer: 3 Biblical principles for praying more boldly to God


Bold prayer: 3 Biblical principles for praying more boldly to God

Sometimes it feels as if our prayers lack authority or intention when we come before God. We aren’t sure how to interact with Him, or whether we can present Him with bold prayer requests.

How can we achieve the correct balance without coming across as demanding, while sharing what is really on our heart?

In this talk, I discuss 3 principles for praying more boldly to God.

If you prefer to read a blog post version of this talk, you can check it our here.

I also mention the book Ronald Dunn’s book  “Don’t Just Stand There, Pray Something” which you can check out in the link.


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In the talk, I also discuss how we need to eliminate the word “just” from our prayers, as this is not a confident way of praying but is too apologetic in nature.

I’ve created a cheat sheet of 6 practical steps you can take to help you be more aware and reduce this from your prayer vocabulary.

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How can we pray with more confidence, authority and intention? In this audio talk, I discuss 3 biblical principles to help us pray more boldly when we talk to God. #prayer #boldprayer #justprayers #thelordsprayer #praying #pray #syrophoenicianwoman #friendatmidnight #romancenturion

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