Who is Jesus? What is the evidence for his existence and resurrection?

Who is Jesus? Evidence for his existence and resurrection.

Who is Jesus? What historical evidence is there that he actually existed and can we trust its reliability and accuracy?

The above audio is based on an Alpha talk session entitled “Who is Jesus?” In it, I discuss and present the evidence for Jesus’ existence, his claim to be God, and his resurrection systematically.

Who did Jesus say he is? Was he God or just a mere human being and religious teacher? If he did claim to be God, were his claims true?

You can find more details in Nicky Gumbel’s book Questions of Life.

>>>For a discussion on the Incarnation and whether Jesus was both fully God and fully man, check out this article here.

Did Jesus actually rise from the dead? If so, what evidence is there to prove the resurrection?

>>For a discussion on why Jesus’ death and resurrection are important for Christians, check out this article here.



Do you think that Jesus really existed or was he merely invented? Do you find the historical evidence for Jesus’ existence compelling or are you still in doubt?

What about the evidence for the resurrection? Do you find it convincing? Which arguments do you find most persuasive and why?

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